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A Fancy The Dance for ye Peace The Jigg Portens Nant Sarah All rights reserved Page 15 of Urquahart of Edinburgh, Mr. Hugh Edwards of Carmarthen", London, D. Wright 1. Coxetown 2. The farther ben the welcomer 3. Gin ye will not take her, turn her over to me 4. The Lads of Leith 5. The Sulters of sellkerke 6. She rose and leit me in 7. Fanny Dillon by Carrolan 8. Down the Burn Davie 9. The Lass of Livingstone The dandling the Irish Bearns Scotch Jemmy Irish Lads of Dunces Sawny's Ferewel Fairly shot of her Welch Richard The last Time I came over the Moor 17a-b.

The bonny Scot Fy gar rub over with Strae Muirland Willie Peggy I must love thee Wappat the Widow Hilland tilt Berks of Abergelde Oh what Pangs are felt in Love The Irish Ragg Moggy Lauther Irish Lostrum Ponia The little House under the Hill A Bonny Lad O'er boggie The Lass of Patties Mill Bonny Jean Bonny Christy Peggy grieves me Wood's Lamentation on ye Refusal of his Halfpence All rights reserved Page 16 of Creamonea Moc Donogh's Lamentation Tom Judge Sheen sheesh igus souse lum Clanuff's Delight Carland's Devotion Grace Nugent by Carrallan Welch Morgan Ulick Burk Molly St.

George Stary ghed malousa voem Meillionen o Freriony'dd Morva Ryddlan 50a-b Keele Cranke Dick a Dollis Hilland Tune Young Jockey Limbricks Lamentation Lady St. John Gallaway's Lamentation Patrick Sarffield Irish Lamentation Scotch Lamentation Jennys Whim Bredagad Can duh dilish improv'd by Mr. Vines Let's shake her Weall For the Love of Jean Over the Muir to Moggie Put ye Gown on ye Bishop John Haye's bony Lassie John Anderson's Maggot Blink o'er ye Burn Will was a wanton Wag The bonny Lass Highland Laddie Peggy of ye Green North Welch Morris Role the Rumple Sawny nos.

Habert 24,-- c.


With variety of whims and fancies of diff'rent humour, fitted to the genious and use of publick performers", London, J. Walsh, c J. All rights reserved Page 17 of Ravenscroft : Tower Waits Hornpipe 3. Ravenscroft : Restauration Spring Garden Hornpipe 4. Ravenscroft : A Trip to Bow Fair a hornpipe 5. Forcers Jigg 6. Ravenscroft : Goodmans Fields Hornpipe 7.

Green Man Hornpipe 8. Polly Peachum's Hornpipe 9. Ravenscroft : A North Country Frisk Ravenscroft : Black Mary's Hornpipe Salt fish and Dumplins Charks' Hornpipe Black Joak White Joak Brown Joak Red Joak Jack the Horse Courser's Hornpipe Yellow Joak Carpenters Morris Cheshire Rowling Hornpipe Ravenenscroft : Downfall of the Ginn, a Hornpipe Ravenscroft : Sunderland Hornpipe Blew Bell Hornpipe Flat Cap Manchester Hornpipe Huckle and Buff Bess King's Hornpipe Runing Footman's Jigg Miller's Dance on the Windmill Bess King's Jigg Ravenscroft : The George or Folly Hornpipe The Hector of Edgworth's Horpipe Presbyterian Hornpipe Presbyterian Jigg Wakefield Jigg Ravenscroft : Ratcliffe Cross Ravenscroft: Ravenscroft's Maggot Pecket's Hornpipe Peacock Jigg Plimouth Jigg Cackling of the Hens The Running Morris Cheshire Round New York the new way Red Lyon Hornpipe White Fryars Hornpipe Poyntin's whim Peg Huglestones Hornpipe New White Hart Hornpipe Leverpool Jigg Northern Frisk New Wild Morris All rights reserved Page 18 of The Hilland Solo The first new Dutch Skipper Butcher Row Plimouth Hornpipe Geminiani: Sgr.

Geminiani's Minuet with his Graces nos. Modern Collections ve Chamber Music of 18th-century Scotland ed. Johnson 27 Works for: violin solo; 2 violins; violin and bc; 2 violins and bc; flute and bc; 2 flutes and bc composers: W. McGibbon, A. Munro, Ch. McLean, J. Oswald, R. Bremmer, the Earl of Kelly, J. Schetky, R. Mackintosh, R. Riddell of Glenriddell, and an anonymous composer a W. McGibbon: 1. Trio Sonata in D for flute or recorder , violin and bc no. Sonata in b for flute or violin and bc no.

II of his "Collections of Scots tunes Bremner's "Collection of airs and marches for two violins or german flutes", Edinburgh, c. Munro: 8.


Hautes-contres mor - te. Narbal is worried about Didon and tells Anna to stay with her sister, but the queen orders Anna to leave. Turner declared that Les Troyens was "the greatest opera ever written" in his book on Berlioz, much preferring it to the vastly more popular works of Richard Wagner. The Blue Moka born in this way, in , from an idea of a group of close-knit friends in love with jazz. For 12 minutes, Sanders and company mix it up -- especially the drummers -- whipping it first quietly down into the most pure melodic essences of Smith's solo and then taking the tension and building to ecstatic heights with all manner of blowing and intervallic interaction between the various elements until it just explodes, before coming down in pieces and settling into a hush of melodic frames and the same two-chord vamp.

Sonata in b for flute or violin and bc on "Fy, gar rub her o'er wi' strae" no. All rights reserved Page 19 of Sonata in a for violin and bc no. Oswald: Air "Strily Vale" Macbeth music for violin solo from vol. II of his "Caledonian pocket companion", London, c The Auricula for violin or flute, optional 2nd violin or flute and bc no. The Lily, for violin or flute, optional 2nd violin or flute and bc no. The Sneezewort, for violin or flute and bc no. The Hawthorn, for violin or flute and bc no.

Pibroch, a Highland Battle, for violin solo from vol. Bremner: Eight Variations on "Hit her on the bum" for violin and bc from his "Curious collection of Scots tunes with variations, for the violin, with a bass for the violoncello or harpsichord", Edinburgh ; bc-part supplied by the editor f anonymous work: II, c GB-En ms.

Duo Sonata in E for 2 violins c. Sharpe's coll. Anne Lindsay's Minuet for 2 violins and bc from ed. Sharpe, see under no. Trio Sonata in E for 2 violins and bass; no. Schetky: Sonata in Eb for cello and bass no. Mackintosh: All rights reserved Page 20 of Riddell of Glenriddell: Elliott; includes also 3 anonymous violin pieces c. Kathren Oggie 2. Last time I came over the mure 3. Erig; with collaboration of V.

Gutmann Introduction: The sources of the diminutions; Instrumentation; Interpretation. Edition of the music: NB: for each work the vocal model is printed above the diminutions "D" Diminutions for high instrument, unless otherwise indicated Chansons: 1. Rognoni 2 ; O. Rognoni 3: two for viola bastarda; Dalla Casa viola bastarda Madrigals: 9. Rognoni 2; viola bast. All rights reserved Page 21 of Rognoni 2 ; Bassani viol Bassani: "Lezioni di contrappunto fatte da Francesco Maria Bassani, con alcune toccate e vari madrigali rotti ossia passeggiati da Orazio Bassani Bonizzi: "Alcune opere di diversi auttori a diverse voci, passaggiate principalmente per la viola bastarda, ma anco per ogni sorte di stromenti, edi voci", Venice, A.

Bovicelli: "Regole, passaggi di musica, madrigali, e motetti passeggiati", Venice, G. Ortiz: "Trattado de glosas sobre clausulas y otros generos de puntos en la musica de violones All rights reserved Page 22 of Lomazzo, R. Rognoni: "Passaggi per potersi essercitare nel diminuire terminamente con ogni sorte d'instromenti. Et anco diversi passaggi per la semplice voce humana", Venice, G. Spadi da Faenza: "Libro de passaggi ascendenti et descendenti di grado per grado, et ancor di terza. Libro primo Il secondo libro", Venice, G. Virgiliano: "Il dolcimelo Vm8 C1 2. Dupont: "Principes de violon", M.

Corrette: ""L'Ecole d'orphee", P. Dupont: "Principes de violon", F. Geminiani: "L'Art de jouer le violon", L. Henry le Jeune's Fantaisie a5 9. Ancelet: from: "Observations sur la musique, les musiciens, et les instrumens" Amsteream, pages J. All rights reserved Page 23 of Corrette: "L'Art de se perfectionner dans le violon", b Other texts: 5. Durieu, professeur de violon", Paris, l'auteur, J. All rights reserved Page 24 of Virgiliano: "Il dolcimielo", c.

Zannetti: "Il Scolaro Bismantova: "Compendio musicale Tessarini: "Gramatica di musica Tartini: "L'Arte del arco ou L'art de l'archet Geminiani: "A Treatise of good taste in the art of musick", London, g F. Geminiani: "The Art of playing on the Violin Opera XI", London, ,-- va. Zuccari: "The true metuod of playing an Adagio Tessarini: "An accurate method to attain the art of playing ye violin", d preface from P.

Tartini: "Lettera del defonto signor G. Tartini alla signora Maddalena Lombardini Panerai: "Principij di musica Galeazzi: "Elementi teorico-pratici di musica con un saggio sopra l'arte di suonare il violino Fanzago: "Elogi di Giuseppe Tartini Francesco Antonio Vallotti" Padova, b G. Tartini: "Libro de regole, ed esempi necessari per ben suonare" manuscr.

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US-LAuc It. Tartini: "Regole per arrivare a saper ben suonare il violino Reprint in one volume of the 3 volumes published in Titles only; no further texts Reprint of the edition in one volume 39,-- va. Johnson; incl. All rights reserved Page 25 of Highland laddie 2. I wish I were where Helen lies 3. Allan Water 4. Gowd on your gartens, Marion 5. Macpherson's testament 6. Killiecranckie 7.

Saw na ye my Peggie 8. Sour plums of Galashiels 9. I love my love in secret Bride next Lasses gar your tails toddle The collier's daughter The horseman's port Drunken wives of Carlisle McLachlan II. The "Scots drawing room" style with or without accompaniment? Barsanti McGibbon Oswald: Pentland Hills Oswald: Rory Dall's port Gow III. Long Variation Sets A wife of my ain My Nanny-O set by W.

[8.506032] SIBELIUS: Incidental Music Boxed Set (Short Version)

Forbes of Disblair Up tails a' set by W. Cailleach odhar set by D. Young Allan Water set by D. The reel of Tulloch after D. Old Sir Symon the king after H. Purcell Black Jock after Ch. McLean The maltman comes on Monday The East Neuk of Fife Duncan Gray Lumps of puddings set by J.

Oswald The lea rig Johnnie Cope The Highlander's farewell Sweden's march Mount your baggage The hare among the corn IV. Scordatura practice piece I-II Black sloven Willie Wink's testament The fox lamentation Donald McIntosh All rights reserved Page 26 of The miller's wedding Gow V. Bagpipe pieces Pibroch Piobaireachd Dhomhnaill Cumha Easbuig Earraghdidheal Cumha Iarla Wigton Mackintosh's lament The battle of Harlaw Oswald: A Highland battle VI. Minuets McGibbon: Minuet in A with variations Miss Carmichael's minuet Building a Beehive.

Table Of Contents. Key abbreviations and definitions:. World Market Key Data. Key Chains. Table of Contents. Library Building Questionnaire This questionnaire should be completed by library staff who use the building regularly. How to Grow A Brain. Building Background. Key Vocabulary. CD Review cannot guarantee that they have not subsequently been deleted. Bach: Cantata No.

Shostakovich ; 'Khovanshchina' Prelude orch. Norn , Grace Hoffman 2. Prague Waltzes: Budapest Festival Orchestra. Royal Danish Orchestra. Royal Danish Opera Chorus. St Petersburg. Idyll: London Symphony Orchestra. Peter Mattei Chorebe. Sara Mingardo Anna. Petra Lang Cassandre. Stephen Milling Narbal. Michelle DeYoung Didon. Kenneth Tarver Iopas. Bach: Six Accompanied Violin Sonatas. Bach: Goldberg Variations. Bach: Six Trio Sonatas for Organ. Vladimir Ashkenazy piano recorded Leopold Simoneau Nadir. John Aler Nadir. String Quartet in E Flat Major.

Rene Bianco Zurga. Gino Quilico Zurga. Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux. Elisabeth Brasseur Chorus. Rudolf Serkin piano recorded Xavier Depraz Nourabad. Kurt Streit tenor. Choeurs et Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse. Anne Sofie von Otter mezzo. Violin Sonata No.

Tutti i Cognomi

Historic Choice: Adolf Busch violin. Jean-Philippe-Courtis Nourabad. Hugo Meyer-Welfing tenor. Intermezzo in C Major. Annees De Pelerinage: Annee 1: Suisse. Hemann von Nordberg piano duet recorded Variations on a Theme by Paganini. Nadia Boulanger piano duet. Friedrich Wuhrer. Hugues Cuenod tenor. Intermezzo in A Major. Intermezzo in B Flat Minor. Hermann von Nordberg piano duet ii Dinu Lipatti.

Rhapsody in G Minor. Ballade in G Minor. Historic Choice: Irmgard Seefried soprano. Doda Conrad bass. Dinu Lipatti. Irene Kedroff contralto. Hans Hotter bass. Intermezzo in E Minor. Elisabeth Hongen contralto. Antonio de Almeida conductor recorded Claire Croiza etc. Kent Nagano conductor. A sa Guitare. Michel Plasson conductor recorded Eugene Ormandy conductor recorded CD1 recorded HAHN Mozart. CD2 recorded North Country Sketches. The Aquarelles. Irmelin: Prelude.

Florida Suite. The Walk to the Paradise Garden. In a Summer Garden. The Song of a Great City. A Village Romeo and Juliet. Thomas Trotter organ. Myer Fredman conductor recorded Sir Andrew Davis conductor recorded Matthew Best conductor recorded Eventyr Once Upon a Time. Thomas Allen baritone. Ian Brown piano recorded Freiburg Baroque Orchestra.

Symphonic Variations. Dvorak: Symphony No. Maria Cristina Kiehr Amore. Veronica Cangemi Euridice. Piers Lane piano recorded Czech Philharmonia Chorus. Felicity Palmer mezzo. Eduard Haken bass. The English Concert. Beno Blachut tenor. Trevor Pinnock conductor recorded Maldwyn Davies tenor. Michael Tilson Thomas conductor recorded Gary Lakes tenor. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. David Wilson-Johnson bass. Anatoly Kotcherga bass. John Scott organ.

Carolyn Watkinson contralto. The English Concert Choir. Third Books recorded London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra. Vienna Philharmonic. Piano Concerto No. Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen: Thomas Hampson baritone. Sir John Barbirolli conductor recorded Mephisto Waltz No. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Constantin Silvestri conductor recorded The Hague. Residentie Orchestra. Barbirolli Suite for Strings.

George Pehlivanian conductor recorded Lynda Richardson Kathchen. Philip Langridge Schmidt. Mark Forkgen Max. Matteo Manuguerra. Michael Lewis Bruhlmann. Sophia Martinez Clara. Ivo Martinez Karl. Jules Bastin Le Bailli. Alfredo Kraus Werther. Sebastian James Fritz. Carol-Lynn Hartridge Gretel. Francois Evans Hans. Christine Barbaux Sophie. Jean-Philippe Lafont Johann.

Chanson a boire. Ave verum corpus. Chansons francaises. Exultate Deo. Elegie for Horn and Piano. James Levine piano recorded George Guest conductor recorded Jaap ter Linden conductor recorded Quatre Motets. Mozart Akademie Amsterdam. Cantique de Jean Racine. Un soir de neige.

Messe Basse. Orchestre National de France. Dan Olof Stenlund conductor recorded Symphonies Nos Symphony in D Major K. Harry Christophers conductor recorded Stephane Caillat conductor. Antoni Witt conductor recorded Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Walter Hendl conductor. Edo de Waart conductor recorded The Philadelphia Orchestra. Barthold Kuijken transverse flute. Ryo Terakado violin. Laurence Dreyfus viola da gamba.

Sigiswald Kuijken violin. Alexander Young Waldemar. Vienna State Opera Chorus. Marjana Lipovsek Wood Dove. Siegmund Nimsgern Peasant. Odd Wolstad Peasant. Philip Langridge Klaus. Janet Baker Wood Dove. London Philharmonic Choir. BBC Symphony Orchestra. Siegfried Jerusalem Waldemar. Julius Patzak Speaker. Kenneth Bowen Klaus. Gunter Reich Speaker. BBC Singers. Barbara Sukowa Speaker.

Yvonne Minton Wood Dove. BBC Choral Society. Slovak Philharmonic Choir. Janos Ferencsik conductor Live performance Hartmut Welker Peasant. Jess Thomas Waldemar. Niels Moller Klaus. Der Nussbaum. Geoffrey Parsons piano Live performance recorded Die Lotosblume. Budget Choice: Sviatoslav Richter piano recorded Die Kartenlegerin. Meine Rose. Der Sandmann. Die Soldatenbraut. WOLF Die ihr schwebet.

Daniel Barenboim piano recorded Graham Johnson piano recorded Scenes historiques — Suite No. Karelia Suite. Usko Viitanen baritone. Kyrill Kondrashin conductor recorded Serenade No. Dmitri Kitajenko conductor. Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No. Helsinki University Male Voice Choir. Philadelphia Orchestra. Ryland Davies tenor. Smetana: String Quartet No. The Firebird. John Shirley-Quirk bass. Pierre Boulez. Lorin Maazel. Stefan Sanderling conductor recorded Ensemble Intercontemporain. Herbert von Karajan. Neville Marriner conductor recorded Budget Choice: Fiona Jones soprano. Ian Bostridge tenor.

Henry Herford baritone. Jeu de cartes. Bournemouth Sinfonietta. Bluebird — Pas de deux. Yoel Levi conductor recorded Scenes de ballet. Neeme Jarvi conductor. Igor Stravinsky conductor recorded Igor Markevitch. Berlin Philharmonic. Richard Hickox conductor recorded Bryden Thomson conductor recorded Hymn-tune prelude on Song 13 by Orlando Gibbons. Martin Vantin. Josef Becker Four Nobles. Robert Kerns Royal Herald.

Peter Maus. Klaus Lang. Kees Bakels conductor recorded Chorus of Deutsche Berlin Opera. Dunja Vejzovic Ortrud. Siegmund Nimsgern Friedrich von Telramund. Anna Tomowa-Sintow Elsa von Brabant. Karl Ridderbusch Konig Heinrich der Vogler. Oboe Concerto: Christopher Balmer viola.

Jonathan Small oboe. Budget-price Choices: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. William Walton conductor. Sicilian Folk Music: Kim Kashkashian viola. Dennis Russell Davies conductor. Andre Previn conductor. Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. Yuri Bashmet viola. Stephan Van Dyck tenor. Marco Beasley tenor. Sonata in A Major. MDR Radio Chorus. Sonata in D Major. Sonata in F Minor. Philip Langridge tenor.

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Choeur de Cybele from Atys Libro 1 no - Score - Kindle edition by Jean- Baptiste Lully, Johan Friederich Fibiger. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Choeur de Cybele from Atys Libro 1 no - Score eBook: Jean-Baptiste Lully, Johan Friederich Fibiger: Kindle Store.

Sonata in A Minor. Man flees like a shadow : Johannette Zomer soprano. Alain Buet bass. Anne Sofie von Otter mezzo-soprano. New Queen's Hall Orchestra. Berlin Radio Chorus. Thomas Quasthoff bass-baritone. Ernst Senff Choir. Thomas Moser tenor. Le Midi. Florence Couderc soprano. Laurent Naouri baritone. French National Orchestra. Alain Vernhes bass. French Radio Choir. Hanna Schaer mezzo-soprano. Wolfgang Holzmair baritone. Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. Jerome Varnier baritone. Bach: The English Suites.

Bach: The Orchestral Suites. Frans Bruggen conductor recorded Andreas Staier harpsichord. Concerto for Flute. Violin Romance No. Orchestra of the 18th Century. Franz Crass Don Fernando. Jon Vickers Florestan. Kurt Wehofschitz Erster Gefangener. Ingeborg Hallstein Marzelline. Walter Berry Don Pizarro. Gottlob Frick Rocco. First Choice: Christa Ludwig Leonore.

Raymond Wolansky Zweiter Gefangener. Otto Klemperer conductor recorded Gerhard Unger Jaquino. Zubin Mehta conductor recorded Leonard Bernstein conductor Live performance Vienna Jeunesse Choir.

Flannery OConnor and the Christ-Haunted South

Juilliard Ensemble. Frederique Cambreling harp. Folk Songs. Jeanne-Marie Conquer violin. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Laszlo Hadady oboe. Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Sinfonia: Jard van Nes mezzo. Eliot Fisk guitar. Benny Sluchin trombone. Electric Phoenix. Ensemble Intercontemporain: Sophie Cherrier flute. Teodoro Anzellotti accordion. Christophe Desjardins viola. Alain Damiens clarinet. Berio : Cathy Berberian mezzo. Gabriele Cassone trumpet. Pascal Gallois bassoon. Florent Boffard piano.

Reduced Scoring Organ. Nicholas Cleobury conductor recorded Britten Sinfonia. Rachel Masters harp. Michael Thompson horn. Percussion Choice: Choir of Clare College. Ensemble Calefax. Timothy Brown conductor recorded David Pyatt horn. Andrew Carwood director recorded O salutaris hostia. Jeremy Summerly conductor recorded David Hill director of music recorded Ab ortu solis.

Quotiescunque manducabitis. O sacrum convivium. Sacerdotes Domini. Oculi omnium. Voluntary a3. La reniement de St Pierre. Cognoverunt discipuli. Lauda Sion Salvatorem. Pange lingua gloriosi. Extremum Dei judicium. Motet pour les Trepasses: Ensemble europeen William Byrd. Thomas Guthrie baritone.

Ian Honeyman tenor. Dominique Dujardin cello.

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Le Ballet de Polieucte: Rachel Elliott soprano. Francois Piolino Un Plaisir. Helene Couvert-Suignard viola.