The Theory and Practice of Learning

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning: 2nd edition
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We are home to initial certification programs at the bachelor's and master's levels in:.

Educational Theory and Practice (EDD)

We also provide continuing education for these areas through master of education and educational specialist degrees, as well as a doctoral program in educational theory and practice. Faculty and students work with projects that integrate research, teaching, and service through community engagement. Local projects include:. Our faculty are highly productive, award-winning researchers and teachers. Our grant-funded projects expand knowledge around issues in teaching, learning, and learning to teach in varied contexts. Our faculty regularly publish in top-tier peer-reviewed journals and newspapers, and present at workshops.

The Early Childhood Education program helps prepare teachers of prekindergarten through fifth grade for diverse and inclusive educational settings, learning how to produce educational knowledge and apply it to benefit children, families, and communities. The Middle Grades Education Program is a leader in the field of middle school reform and is one of the oldest middle school-specific teacher certification programs in the nation.

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The Social Studies Education program invites future teachers who are interested in making a positive difference in the world. The ETAP-GSO is a student-led organization that maintains a close relationship with the ETAP faculty in order to foster academic discourse in areas such as early childhood education, elementary education, middle-grades education, social studies education, critical studies, and general teacher education. We strive to be stewards of our departmental philosophy and support graduate student efforts in their scholarly pursuits.

The purpose of the organization is to promote pride in education as a career choice, recognize outstanding achievement, and foster growth in the educational community. Minorities in Education serves as an outlet and support system for underrepresented students in education and future educators in the College of Education.

This sub-award from the Georgia Institute of Technology involves several units across the University of Georgia.

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A portion of this award will be used by Cory Buxton to create curriculum materials to broaden interest in the field. Through interview, observation, and video-cued focus group discussions, Dr. Garrett will construct a conceptual framework for accommodating the emotional aspects of facilitating discussions about political issues in classrooms. Grants can also address teachers' use of technology, alternative assessment strategies, or innovative teaching strategies, all with the goal to strengthen and deepen teachers' content knowledge in their academic subjects with emphasis on how deepened content knowledge impacts teaching practices and student learning.

LISELL-B is a National Science Foundation-supported project to implement a large-scale, cross-sectional, and longitudinal study to understand and support the teaching of the language of scientific investigation practices for middle and high school students grades with a special emphasis on English language learners and a focus on biotechnology. Through our summer institute, open institutes, writing retreats, and Saturday workshops, we offer teachers a wide and engaging list of professional learning opportunities, many for UGA credit or state PLUs.

Assessment, theory and practice within the teaching and learning cycle

Support Our Programs. This edition has been updated throughout and now has 2 new chapters - Reflections of Educational Technology, and Why Teach? Chapters are now also divided up so they are each shorter and more user-friendly than before.

Teaching Tips: A combination of theory and practice.

Based on his extensive personal experience Sotto offers an insight without being prescriptive into how teachers can contribute to better learning. This book highlights [how] an effective teacher knows not just the subject, but how to teach it in accordance with how learning actually happens.

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The proposed volume will therefore generate new knowledge to share among faculty, graduate students and other researchers who practice not only in Adult Education, but also in Higher Education. The Student-Centered Classroom. Attributional diversity among these children or teens exceeds similarities. The learning of the collective suffers from a startling range of limitations… Some of these are equally characteristic of solo and collective learning entities. Main article: Learning space.

Eric Sotto has not so much written as crafted it from a blend of his own experience and a wide knowledge of relevant psychological theory. You have been able to clarify for me, in readable and understandable language, many of the intuitive feelings I have had about teaching all these years but have been unable to articulate Your book has also helped me to make sense out of all the conflicting cognitive theories used by psychologists, sociologists and philosophers See larger image. Once you have successfully made your request, you will receive a confirmation email explaining that your request is awaiting approval.

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