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Harold G. Diamond [ Homepage ] — Prime number theory, sieves, connections with analysis.

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Hildebrand [Homepage] — Analytic and probabilistic number theory, asymptotic analysis. Leon McCulloh — Algebraic number theory, relative Galois module structure of rings of integers, class groups of integral group rings, Stickelberger relations. Ken Stolarsky [Homepage] — Diophantine approximation, special functions, geometry of zeros of polynomials.

Stephen Ullom [Homepage] — Galois modules, class groups. In addition, at least four topics courses are also offered each year, with student input helping to determine the choice of the topics courses.

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In recent years, enrollment in these courses has been excellent, typically ranging from 10 to We list below some of the topics courses taught between and The Bateman Prize and the Bateman Fellowship are given annually for outstanding research in number theory. They are named for former Professor Paul T. Bateman, who was on the faculty from to and continued being active in the group's activities until shortly before his death in Bateman served as Department Head for the years Recipients of the Bateman Prize in Number Theory.

Recipients of the Bateman Fellowship in Number Theory.

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Probabilistic number theory is a subfield of number theory, which explicitly uses probability to answer questions of number theory. One basic idea underlying it is . Appendix C. Number theory. C Multiplicative functions and Euler Probabilistic number theory is currently evolving very rapidly, and uses more and.

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We consider random versions of fractal strings. In the limit case when the fractional Poisson distribution becomes the well-known Poisson probability distribution all of the above listed new developments and implementations turn into the well-known results of the quantum optics and the number theory. Number of Pages:. Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Hello, I see a pattern in the sequence For a Poissonian spectrum the density of the ratio is flat, whereas for the three Gaussian ensembles repulsion at small values is found. Two different sets will have two different characteristic functions, unless the difference between the two sets is a set of measure 0.

Their values are usually distributed in a very complicated way. If one traces the change of values of such functions as the argument runs through the sequence of natural numbers, one obtains a highly chaotic graph such as is usually observed when the additive and multiplicative properties of numbers are considered simultaneously.

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A function may deviate significantly from its average value. Here it turns out that large deviations occur rather seldom. Among the asymptotic laws for 3 , the most interesting ones are of local or integral form.

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